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General Services once you sign up for service:

  1. There will be scheduled unannounced visits per month to manicure the grounds.   
    1. Jaizz Landscape Services will provide a full service maintenance program consisting of manicuring all grounds affiliated with the subject property, edging concrete areas, weed eating around premises and blowing loose grass.
    2.  This program will be performed with quality commercial equipment and supplies.  All services will be rendered in a safe manner with knowledgeable and courteous professionals between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  Monday –Saturday.
    3. Each visit will include a complete inspection for any detrimental problems within the landscape such as disease or insect damage to the turf, trees, shrubs, and notification of any hazardous animals, rodents, or serpents roaming the property.  The removal of any trash and debris that may have accumulated on the property since the last service will be removed (excessive debris removal will incur a fee).
All Bermuda turf are recommended the following:
  • Mowing height- Bermuda turf is recommended to be mowed at a height of 1 ½ inch to 3 inches.  Each service the Bermuda turf will be trimmed no more than one inch of its current height (unless stated otherwise).  Fescue turf will be manicured at a height of 3 to 4 ½ inches and should be aerated and over seeded each year to maintain density.
  • Mowing Frequency- Weekly mowing is preferred during the warmer growing months to maintain the proper mowing height and appearance.
  • Clippings will not be bagged unless the thatch layer cannot sustain the break-down of the grass clippings (additional charges will apply).  All clippings on concrete and common areas will be cleaned up and blown with each service. 
  • Herbicide (weed killer)- shall be applied as needed during the year to eliminate vegetation around all utility structures, shrubs, beds, fences, patios, parking lots, natural areas and building foundation to maintain a neat and manicure finish.
  •  Edging- concrete areas (driveways, patios) will be performed every service.    Beds and other ornamental islands will be edge on a bi service to assist in maintaining shape and contouring for the existing landscape design.
 Additional Beautification services:

A technician will meet with you to determine what other beautification services are recommended to enhance your landscape.  We will leave a written estimate for the services to be rendered and instructions on how to treat or maintain your property while we are not servicing (watering).

Other services:  Hedges   Aeration   Seeding   Planting   Installation   Hardscape   sodding   Tree trimming   Weed Control   Fertilization   Insect control   Gutter Cleaning   Strawing   Mulching   and much more. . .


Your Landscape Represents You!
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